“Christie created a relaxed atmosphere in which to discuss difficult topics. She gave us practical examples we could relate to and the strategies to help us deal with the challenges we face”

Participant, Handling Difficult Situations, SJ Berwin

“87% of the delegates rated you excellent or outstanding across the two programmes include 'Great fun', 'Incredible experience' and 'Surprised how much I enjoyed it despite the hard work!'”

Kate Bruges, Head of Talent JWT

“This has been a valuable two days. I like the small group work which felt like a safe environment in which to accept the feedback”

Participant on a Leadership Development Centre for NHS

“Christie has helped us improve the performance of several key members of staff to the point where they have become absolutely brilliant. She has remarkable insight and is an extremely adept coach”

Paul Kitcatt, CEO Kitcatt Nohr Digitas

“I had a few sessions with Christie to help me prepare for an important presentation in front of a large audience. Already after the first session I felt a thousand times better. Christie was great at giving me confidence. She helped me structure my material in a way that made it more interesting and entertaining for the audience. I actually began to look forward to delivering the presentation! I will definitely contact Christie again when another presentation arises.”

Gianpaolo Burigo - Senior Executive at a Hedge Fund

“Christie has worked with us for several years with many international firms. Her use of forum theatre and role-play creates a stimulating and fun learning environment. She is exceptional at judging the extent to which participants should be challenged or supported. Her feedback is honest and helpful.”

Tony Reiss, Founding Principal Sherwood PSF Consulting

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